About Aylesbury Skateboards

Aylesbury Skateboards is a new skate shop which opened in March 2015 in Aylesbury, England.

Panorama of the shop space at the moment

Aylesbury Skateboards is a newly established skateboard store for 2015. We are run by a small group of young local skateboarders and a couple of older '70s skaters who aim to introduce skateboarding to a younger audience and to revive the current skate scene in Aylesbury and the surrounding Villages.

Aylesbury has a BRAND NEW Skatepark coming to Vale Park in the Summer 2015. Complete with stairs, manual pads, ledges, banks, hubbas, hips and more! We are hoping that with this new build and our shop we can create a new wave of skateboarders from Aylesbury and put us on the map of skateboarding.

Aylesbury Skateboards represents an embodiment of our own personal passions with skateboarding and the brands, culminating into a single pool skate-related glory which we wish to share with the community. The brands and products we've hand-picked reflect our personal guilty pleasures as well as aiming to appeal to an audience who may not have as much knowledge on the subject but want to get started with skateboarding.

Aylesbury has not had a local skate shop since around 2004 which has had an adverse impact on how skateboarding and the skate community developed over the years. We have become fed up with not having anywhere nearby to buy skate stuff and decided to take it into our own hands.We now want to reintroduce skateboarding into the spotlight as a popular and powerful lifestyle in Aylesbury as we believe we can do this with local support.

Our staff are here to help you and happy to extend our knowledge and support to customers who seek it.



Aaron & Kurt
Store Managers

If you have any further enquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at sales@aylesburySkateboards.co.uk or call us on 01296 395562